this is my

Thank you for your interest in this­is­my­throwaway.​email. As you can see, it is a real domain. It is owned by a private individual for their private use as detailed below, and is not a public disposable email provider.

Usually, when a website requires an email address in order to register, I use an address of the form site.​name​@my.​real​.domain​.example, with a unique, randomly-generated password, in order to hinder credential stuffing attacks (in cases where emails are also used as login identifiers) and generally limit my exposure in case of data breaches.

If I used an email at this domain to register for your website, mailing list, underwater basket-weaving class, pyramid scheme, or fight club, it’s because I didn’t even trust you with a tagged address at my real domain as described above, and you block “real” throwaway email providers like Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail, 10 Minute Mail, et al. It’s nothing personal. Promise. It’s not you, it’s me, I swear.

If you have any further questions, please refer to the the FAQ.

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